JUBI Art lesson kits was created in an effort to provide high quality and affordable art education to aspiring artists everywhere. The JUBI Art creates educational art lessons that are easy and fun! Art and craft projects by our artist teams are delivered to your door step.  Each kit comes with the supplies needed to create your masterpiece! 

JUBI is a proud member of the National Art Education Association



Carole, Creative Magician 

Carole is a professional art educator and graphic designer.  Her passion is in design and arts and crafts.  We are so very lucky to have her leading the team!

Tiffany, Art Innovator

Tiffany is a professional art educator, illustrator and artists.  Tiffany has over 10 years experience teaching art to students of all ages, skills and interest!

Kristine, Wizard of Art

Kristine is an illustrator, designer and art educator.  She has been educating students ages 5 and up.  Kristine is an amazingly talented illustrator! 

Clair, Education Expert

Clair is our resident art education guru! She has been working in children education for over 20 years.  Our JUBI projects are thoughtfully designed with students' needs in mind.